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In November 201​5, industry partners gathered in Indianapolis for Protective’s annual Public Transportation Claims + Safety Seminar. During the two-day event, attendees heard from experts on a variety of topics geared toward improving their fleet operations. Attendees also had the opportunity to attend a 10-Hour OSHA General Industry Training course.

Downloadable Presentations

Navigating Claims of Negligent Hiring, Training and Retention When Punitive Damages Are Alleged

Chris Cotter, Roetzel

Recent court decisions threaten to erode protections for employers against negligent hiring, training and retention claims, even when the employer has admitted the fault of its employee in causing the accident in the course and scope of their employment. This ​presentation addresses the evolving case law concerning direct claims against transportation companies arising out of accidents, especially when punitive damages are asserted, and what employers can do to navigate discovery requests and motion practice relating to such claims.


Is Safety Training Your Weakest Link?

Fred Doelker, Dean Transportation

Your safety program is only as strong as your weakest link. Are you confident that your safety culture is being communicated to all your terminals, especially the most remote terminal? We hear too often that safety training cannot be completed due to the challenges of multiple terminals. ​Doelker shares how one large bus company with multiple terminals has developed a training program that provides comprehensive ongoing driver and management training.


When Alcohol Is Involved: A Look at Additional Passenger Liability

Marc Kallish, Roetzel

From bachelorette parties in limos to underage drinkers on party buses, liabilities increase when alcohol is added — even in non-driver related accidents. In this presentation, Marc Kallish discusses the additional responsibilities and liabilities that arise when alcohol is involved as part of transportation-related activities. Mitigating risk begins with understanding the additional ramifications alcohol adds to the mix — from coverage to criminal claims.


​Responsible Dispatch: The Importance of Dispatch on Collision Avoidance and Driver Retention

John Pinckney, CJ International Training, Inc.

Some of the biggest challenges with dispatching include managing fuel efficiency, passenger wait times, and maximizing profit and customer service per mile. But how do you measure dispatcher safety effectiveness and how the driver feels valued to your company? This presentation teaches different ways to involve dispatchers in safety awareness and how their job impacts collision avoidance and driver retention.