Click the links below to find medical service providers in the preferred network.

  • Find a Doctor
    • In the "Select a Network" drop-down menu, select "Workers Compensation" (except for customers in California, who should select "California MPN").
  • Find a Pharmacy
    • See below for an image of what your prescription card will look like.
  • Find a Physical Therapist—To find a physical therapist in Protective's preferred network, contact your claims adjuster.


Your prescription card will look similar to the picture below.


Send all statements, bills, notes, letters, etc. to:
Progressive Fleet & Specialty Programs
P.O. Box 7099
Indianapolis, IN  46207-7099

Please include claimant name and claim number with all submitted documents.

Note for customers in New York: Per 12 NYCRR325-2.3(b), utilization of Protective’s preferred providers is voluntary, and a full list of authorized health care providers is available from the Workers’ Compensation Board. All employees may select or change their provider at any time without jeopardizing their medical or indemnity benefits.

First Fill Prescription Card

Protective is proud to partner with CorVel, to provide you with an easy way to get prescriptions filled immediately following an on-the-job or work-related injury. Your First Fill prescription card can be used to provide you or your workers with necessary medication at no cost while you wait for a claim to be processed.

Most pharmacies, including all major chains such as Walgreens, CVS, RiteAid, Walmart, Target and more, are included in the network. To request a First Fill prescription card, call Protective at 1-800-475-2203.