If one of your employees is injured while working, we can help you ensure that they receive the best care possible. Through our partnership with CorVel’s CorCare® Network, we offer access to a world-class Medical Provider Network (MPN).


  • Easily search a large network of skilled physicians
  • Immediate care and personalized attention
  • 24-hour bilingual helpline staffed by registered nurses
  • Lower your overall costs with improved injury recovery times and a better claims experience

Access Instructions

  • Access the network and search for medical providers online or through the Corvel PPO Lookup App
  • Log on to the CorVel Online Directory with the login: protectivempn
  • Provide your employees with a listing of medical providers in your area
  • Please note any future changes in medical provider would need to be made within the network

Find in-network providers

Find a Provider >>

Click the button above to access the CorVel Online Directory. You will need to enter the login protectivempn.


When an employee reports a work-related injury, provide them with the California DWC 7 Posting Notice.

Read the MPN Frequently Asked Questions for more details about CorVel’s program and answers to common questions.