In October 2017, Protective hosted its annual Claims + Safety Seminar in Carmel, Ind. During the two-day event, attendees learned from industry experts on a variety of topics spanning insurance, safety and risk management. Presentations from the seminar are available for download below.


Insurance Fraud: Don’t Get Taken for a Ride

Joanne Fabian • National Insurance Crime Bureau

A 13-year NICB veteran, Joanne Fabian zeroes in on the growing problem of commercial vehicles being targeted by individuals to submit fake bodily injury claims. The presentation covers staged accidents, organized groups, case studies and action steps that can be taken to prevent fraud through records review, audits and surveillance.

Current Trends in Jury Verdicts and Settlements

Brad Wright • Roetzel & Andress

Having been a litigator in the transportation and bus arena, Brad Wright has seen significant changes over time in the way that lawsuits and claims are being handled by litigants, jurors and courts. His presentation discusses current trends in jury verdicts and settlements, specifically the use of focus groups.

Verbal SWAT: Basic Tools to Defuse Conflict

Jesus M. Villahermosa, Jr. • Crisis Reality Training, Inc.

Jesus Villahermosa, Jr. was a member of the Pierce County Sherriff’s SWAT team for 30 years. This session focuses on training participants to understand the three basic active listening skills that are critical to defusing potentially upset and angry customers. These skills include eye contact, minimal encouragements and empathy.

Top 10 OSHA Violations

Owen McLean and Al Daoud • Protective Insurance

Drawing from their experience in helping Protective customers take a proactive approach to their safety operations, Al and Owen discuss the regulatory compliance items most commonly identified in the transportation industry. They also dive into emerging trends, updates to compliance requirements, and industry best practices to aid in evaluating your company’s physical safety and compliance programs.

Alternatives to Traditional Litigation: Staying Out of the Jury Pool

John Pion and Tim Smith • Pion, Nerone, Girman, Winslow & Smith, P.C.

With decades of experience in transportation law, attorneys John Pion and Tim Smith review techniques for maintaining control of claims to avoid a jury trial—including mediation, arbitration, contribution actions and high/low agreements.

Workplace Violence: Coming to a Road Near You?

Speaker: Jesus Villahermosa, Jr. • Crisis Reality Training, Inc.

Workplace violence isn’t just in offices anymore—it has spread to suspects shooting vehicles traveling on our nation’s highways, as well as shootings occurring at truck stops across the country. These incidents are related to various issues including domestic violence, gangs and customer disputes.  Jesus discusses what actions you should consider taking should you start taking gunfire while on the road, as well as what your response to an active shooter should be if you are at a rest stop.