warning-iconIf you are contacting us regarding reporting a claim or changing or cancelling your coverage, please contact us at the information provided below:


Vehicle Claims

P: (800) 626-8381
F: (317) 636-3483
Report a vehicle claim online

Workers' Compensation Claims

P: (800) 479-0981
F: (317) 715-9639
Report a workers' compensation claim online

Work Accident Claims

P: (800) 475-2203


Fleet Trucking

Contact your agent or account executive.

Public Transportation

Contact your agent.

Independent Contractor

P: (800) 626-8381

Our claim reporting center and customer service team can be reached from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Eastern time. To report a claim 24/7, call (800) 626-8381.

Any message we receive regarding a claim, policy change or cancellation is subject to review and is not considered approved, denied or effective until reviewed and verified by an authorized Protective representative.