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September 2017 An exclusive publication for Protective's independent contractors
Do you know how to report a workers' compensation claim?
Our superior claims management makes the claims process easy so you can get back on the road. Learn more about what to do when you have a claim and the Protective process below.
1. Report your incident to Protective. You can report a claim 24 hours a day, seven days a week online, by fax, or by phone.
2. A claims adjuster will contact you within 48 hours requesting information related to your incident, such as employee information and an explanation of the incident.
3. Complete a wage statement for the employee, typically a 52-week pay history.
4. Your claim will be designated as Records only, Medical only or Lost time. Designation information is outlined in the box below.
5. All claims will be fully investigated by licensed adjusters who are professionally trained to handle claims in your state.
6. You can request a review of your claims history, cost projections and loss runs anytime.
Report a Workers' Compensation Claim
(800) 479-0981
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Learn more about claims terms
Records only consists of claims that involve no financial activity and are simply reported to make Protective aware of a potential claim. These typically arise when an employee reports an incident, but the employee does not need to seek medical treatment and does not miss any work.
Medical only includes claims where the employee received medical attention but had no lost time from work.
Lost time refers to claims that involve any medically excused time away from work.