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Walk like a penguin
For most of the country, winter is upon us. This means that ice, snow and slick conditions are a problem and can cause a dramatic increase in slips and falls. Parking lots, sidewalks, walkways, stairs and ramps can be quite dangerous when temperatures fall below freezing. However, even in warmer climates, concrete and tiled floors are just as slick as ice even when damp.
Here are a few tips to help when on your feet during your workday:
Look where you step, step where you look.
Areas that are not well-lit by sunlight may become slippery and icy.
Wear proper footwear rated as slip-resistant.
Avoid shoes with little or no tread and be sure they have proper ankle support.
Use three points of contact entering and exiting your vehicle or going up and down stairs.
Do not let go of the handrail until both feet are firmly planted on the walking area.
Make adjustments based on the conditions.
Walk around, not through, visibly icy and slippery areas.
Do not run—walk at a slower controlled pace.
Running increases your chances of slipping and falling.
The first steps out of the vehicle are important; do not jump out.
Personal survival supplies
We would also suggest a little Antarctic imitation—walk like a penguin!
• Keep your center of gravity above your front leg.
• Take short steps or shuffle for stability.
• Point your toes slightly outward.
• Be sure you are not carrying so much that it keeps you from seeing the ground ahead or affects your balance.
• You will not look strange—all the cool birds are doing it!
Download our Walk Like a Penguin tips.
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