April 2012


Study Reveals Sleeping Habits of Truck Drivers

The National Sleep Foundation recently released the results of the 2012 Sleep in America poll. The poll is the first of its kind to ask transportation professionals, including pilots, train operators, truck, bus, taxi and limo drivers, about their sleep habits. The results of the survey provide insight into the effect of sleepiness on truck drivers’ job performance. more >>

Are Your Drivers Prepared for a Tornado?

Movies like “Twister,” which feature storm chasers, can make it seem fun and adventurous to be on the road during a tornado. The reality, however, is that it is incredibly dangerous. Educate your drivers on the proper steps to take if a tornado appears while they are driving in order to help them avoid being injured or killed. more >>

Get a Leg Up on Ladder Safety

Ladders are a seemingly simple tool to use - set them up and start climbing. However, there are several opportunities for slips, falls and injuries if they aren’t used properly. It’s not safe to assume your workers are familiar with ladder safety. Incorporate this topic into your training to help protect your workers from injury or death. more >>

Keep Your Drivers Safe with Online Training

Baldwin & Lyons has partnered with J.J. Keller and Pro-TREAD to give our policyholders access to interactive, online training lessons, making it even more convenient for you to keep your drivers well-informed and safe.  more >>

Baldwin & Lyons Launches New Website

Baldwin & Lyons is excited to announce the launch of our new website! The updated design makes it even easier for you to access everything you need, all in one convenient location.

As part of the redesign, The Quill has moved to a new home on our site. You will now be able to search and read current and archived articles.

Check out the new site today and make sure to update your bookmarks!

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