May 2011


Passenger Liability Presents Great Risks to Your Company

As summertime approaches, you may receive more requests from drivers to bring passengers along with them. You may even encourage drivers to take passengers as a way to boost morale. However, you must keep in mind that passengers can greatly increase your liability risk. { more }

Traffic Violations May Predict Future Accidents

According to a 2011 ATRI study, there is a high degree of correlation between the number and type of traffic convictions commercial truck drivers have and their risk of being involved in a future crash. The study identified a dozen specific behaviors and convictions that increase the risk of being involved in a truck crash. { more }

Place Emergency Warning Devices to Prevent Roadside Collisions

Parking a CMV on the side of the roadway presents very serious hazards to both the driver and other motorists on the road. Because motorists do not typically anticipate a vehicle being parked on the side of the road, collisions frequently occur. { more }

Marten Transport Receives CCJ's 2011 Innovator of the Year Award

The Commercial Carrier Journal (CCJ) selected Marten Transport as its 2011 Innovator of the Year for implementing a practice to save on fuel by raising the temperature of refrigerated trailers.

When Chief Executive Officer Randy Marten noticed that reefer units continued to run while they were on the fueling lane and found out it was because frozen goods are typically transported at -10 degrees Fahrenheit, he began looking for alternatives that would save fuel and maintenance costs.

{ more }

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