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June 2014 An exclusive publication for Protective's independent contractors
Driver training and CSA: Do they really matter?
Yes! Even if you do not have CDL drivers, studies show there is a direct correlation between your driver training program, CSA scores and accident rates.
As a business owner, you know that a comprehensive driver training program with higher compliance scores results in a more efficient operation that increases value to the carrier and customer. What you may not know is that a robust training program will also help avoid costly litigation in the event of a catastrophic accident.
More than ever, plaintiff attorneys are using any negative information found in your training and CSA records against you and the company that you are leased to. Furthermore, attorneys are attempting to have punitive damages levied against you for any negligence they can identify on your part.
From a driver perspective, most do not realize how training records and CSA impact their careers. For example, hours of service violations delay trips and roadside inspection fines are often the responsibility of the driver. Most importantly, roadside inspection violations are available to hiring carriers in the form of a three-year Pre-employment Screening Program (PSP), which can be used to help qualify or disqualify applicants from being hired by reputable carriers. According to Kelly Anderson, president of Impact Training Solutions, "approximately 50% of the drivers that fleets turn down today, they would have mistakenly hired if they didn’t have the data from the PSP report."
How much do drivers really know about CSA?
2014 is the fourth year of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s Compliance, Safety and Accountability (CSA) program and many drivers still lack a basic understanding of the program, according to a recent report from the American Transportation Research Institute. The most significant findings were:
• Over 96% of drivers could not correctly identify the five publically accessible BASICs and did not know that only the FMCSA can access official driver CSA scores.
• Over 56% of drivers did not know that CSA scores are weighted by both time and severity and that high CSA scores help prioritize carriers for intervention.
Boost your CSA knowledge and compliance
To help our policyholders reduce accidents and better understand the operation of the CSA program as it continues to evolve, Protective has partnered with Impact Training Solutions to provide ongoing driver education. Online training modules from Impact cover a variety of safety and compliance topics, including those addressed by CSA BASICs, and each video only takes about five minutes to view.
Impact's system is efficient and easy to apply on a small or large scale, and Protective has subsidized this program so it can be provided to you at a substantial discount.
Learn more about how Impact Training Solutions can improve your safety and CSA compliance.
To access Impact Training Solutions, contact our Loss Prevention Department at lossprevention@protectiveinsurance.com or (800) 644-5501 x7341.
Ramp up your CSA knowledge and compliance
Learn more about how Impact Training Solutions can improve CSA compliance and driver safety. Protective offers this program at a substantially discounted rate. Learn more >>


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