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January 2014 An exclusive publication for Protective's independent contractors
5 quick tips to a healthier 2014
What’s your New Year’s resolution? Did you commit to eating healthier, working out more or reducing your stress? Below are some quick tips to becoming a healthier and happier you. Protective is also excited to announce we will introduce a new wellness portal next month to help you reach and manage your wellness goals!
1) Get enough sleep. Studies show that adequate sleep can lead to improved memory, a better mood and a reduced risk for cardiovascular disease. Strive for 8 hours of sleep each night.
2) Stay hydrated and stick to drinking water. Many drinks have hidden calories in sugar. Water should be your first choice. Water will also help you to lose weight as many times thirst is mistaken for hunger.
3) Be active. Aerobic exercise is important for heart health and overall well-being. Strength training is also vital for well-being, especially for bone health. Our downloadable exercise cards have some ideas to help you get moving.
4) Eat all the colors of the rainbow. Load up on fruits and veggies in order to maximize nutrients.
5) Be aware of your family’s health history. A history of heart disease, diabetes or cancer puts you at an increased risk for developing these diseases. Let your health provider know your family history so they can do the appropriate tests to help you lead a healthy life.
Coming soon: New wellness portal to launch in February
Protective and Health Promotion Solutions have partnered to bring you an online wellness portal where you can easily track and manage your health goals. Some of the features of the site include a personalized Health Risk Assessment, a way to track your activity and nutrition, access to health coaches to help you reach your goals and personal rewards for working towards a healthier you!
The wellness portal also includes Wellcard, a free program that helps you reduce prescription and medical care costs. You can save up to 50% off costs of prescriptions, up to 30% off participating doctors, 20-40% off dental care and discounts on vision care including glasses. For more information about Wellcard, visit protectiveinsurance.com/wellcard.
Free download: "Exercise Cards"
Print these cards and keep them in your vehicle for a quick reference of exercises you can do while on the road. To request hard copies, email icsafety@protectiveinsurance.com. Download exercise cards >>
Exercise Cards


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