IC Safety

      September / October 2012


Tips for Driving Safely in Fog

One weather hazard you shouldn't underestimate is fog. It is unpredictable, often unexpected and can contribute to accidents when drivers don't adjust to the conditions. That was the case earlier this year when five trucks were involved in a pileup on a foggy highway in Canada. Understanding when and why fog occurs and tips for driving in it can help prevent you from ending up in a similar situation.  more >>

Are You Hiring the Safest Drivers?

An efficient trucking operation relies on quality drivers. Good hiring decisions are critical to ensure you have the best possible drivers behind the wheels of your trucks. But how can you be confident you are selecting the best potential drivers? FMSCA has a tool that can help you make better-informed hiring and qualifying decisions.  more >>

Slow Your Roll: Proper Techniques for Braking on a Downgrade

Maintaining control of a truck while traveling downhill can be challenging, but it doesn't have to be if you know how to properly brake and control your speed. While runaway ramps should be a last resort, you still need to be aware of what to expect in the event you have to use them.  more >>

Reminder: Pro-TREAD Training Lessons Available!

Donít forget to take advantage of your two free Pro-TREAD training lessons for each vehicle insured with Protective Insurance Company! More than 70 online lessons are available to provide interactive training in defensive driving, hours of service, CSA, worker injury prevention and more! If you have already obtained your free lessons, contact us at icsafety@protectiveinsurance.com for special pricing on additional lessons.  more >>

Safety Message

Many preventable losses occur when driving in fog and down steep hills. Too often we are quick to blame accidents on the road or weather conditions when, in fact, it is our lack of professional driving judgment that is the real cause. We may simply be driving too fast for the conditions or overestimating our driving skills and the ability of the equipment. It is easy to go fast in any type of road or weather condition. But when an unplanned event occurs, you are no longer in charge of your vehicle; it is in control of you without the ability to stop.

The vehicle, the road and the weather do not have the ability to think or react. They are just conditions that expose our unsafe behavior and cause us to be suckered into a preventable collision. When you choose not to take advantage of safe driving skills, it is not a matter of if you will be involved in a collision, it is a matter of when.

Please practice the tips provided in these articles every time you get behind the wheel. Protective Insurance Company, and more importantly, your family and friends want you to return home safely each and every day.

Yours in safety,

Dennis Shinault, CDS
Director of Loss Prevention


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